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SMVdanmark виступиє з ініціативою створити сторінку у Facebook, яка буде забезпечувати контакт між приватними компаніями та українцями, які хочуть працювати в Данії


Visit the “Робота для українців / Arbejde til Ukrainere” Facebook page by SMVDanmark here.



For those seeking employment within the field of science, technology, engineering and mathematics


Visit the STEM jobs for Ukrainians website provided by the union IDA here.



For those seeking employment as a PhD fellow 


The first step is to have your current education level certified, which you can do here.


For those seeking employment within the fields of architecture and design


Visit our member organization The Union of Architects and Designers, (Forbundet Arkitekter og Designere, FAOD).

FAOD is a professional association in Denmark with special insight into the careers and working lives of academic architects and designers.

As a special initiative in relation to architects and designers from Ukraine, we have decided to offer a membership for a symbolic amount of five Danish kroner a month (a little less than one Euro).

As a member, you will be able to use all our membership offers, including an individual “New in Denmark meeting”, career coaching and a range of English-spoken events and curses.


See more about our organization here:


See vacancies for architects and designers here:



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This website is a guide and jobbank provided by The “Partnership for jobs for Ukrainians” is a collaboration consisting of representatives from the state, regional and municipal level of Denmark, as well as labour unions and industry associations. Akademikerne is also part of this partnership


Visit the JobguideUkraine website here.

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